Home Use White Candle is the most popular product in Africa , the shape of White Candle is stick,  and the materails is Pure Wax ,so we usually called White Stick Pure Wax Candle. 8x65 Packing White Candle have many size sell very well . such as ANGOLA  20-24G 8X65 PACKING ,NIGERIA 20-35G 8X65 PACKING, DUBAI 11G 8X65BAG PACKING . Different country need different wright candles . anyway The composed of  Paraffin Wax Household Bougies Candle is paraffin wax with stearic acid ,wicks. The Feature of  Home Use White Candle is   Smokeless, Unscented, Harmless, Long Burning.SAMPLE Sample is free for customer to check quality.  MOQ can accept 1*20FCL, two items could be mixed in one container